Artwork info

I am currently interested in building and creating the "Flannagin" world. I still mess around and have side projects but the vast majority of my work will be based around that little blue guy. 

Most of my paintings are a slightly-off, whismical, surreal little artifacts. They usually include original characters and loads of plant life. Each painting has a funny or cute story to accompany it (if im not feeling too lazy). The "goal" I have in my mind is to "spread fairy dust all over the damn place" with my artwork. I want to get it out there. I want to spread smiles and laughs. Creeping people out is also desired. 

Well, ok. That is all. Thanks for reading this. Hope you got what you wanted out of this. I know I didn't. I'm trying to play some video games rn but my wife is watching a video about fish on youtube and I wanted to make my website look and feel nice so I wrote out this little thing. Ok love you bye. -Tim G