Zombie Boy
Zombie Boy
The Art of Timothy Groshong

Zombie Boy

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Tim had been infected with a virus that caused him to become undead, yet he retained all of his human intelligence and emotions. He was different from the typical zombie seen in movies and TV shows. He could think, feel and communicate just like a normal person.

Tim's parents were scientists who were studying a newly discovered alien race that had a cure for the zombie virus. They were able to save Tim and bring him back to life. But before they could return home to Earth, their spaceship was attacked by a hostile alien race, and they were forced to crash land on a distant planet.

Tim's parents were killed in the crash, leaving him alone on the hostile planet. But he was determined to survive. He used his parents' research to find the alien race that had the cure for the zombie virus and eventually found a group of friendly aliens who took him in and helped him.

These alien were called "The Vaxxons" who are known for their knowledge of advanced medical science and technology. They had a spaceship that could travel through time and space, and they offered to take Tim with them on their travels through the galaxy.

Tim was thrilled at the opportunity to see new worlds and meet new alien races. He quickly made friends with the Vaxxons and learned all about their advanced technology and medicine. He even helped them on their missions to find a cure for the zombie virus that had infected him.

Years passed and Tim became an expert in alien medicine and technology, using his knowledge to help others who were suffering from the same virus. He became known as the "Zombie boy" among the alien races he encounters, but to the Vaxxons, he was just Tim, their friend and fellow crew member.

Eventually, Tim and the Vaxxons were able to find a cure for the zombies virus and Tim was finally able to live a normal life. He decided to stay with the Vaxxons, continuing to travel the galaxy and help others in need. He had found a new family among the stars, and he knew that he would never be alone again.

5”x7” acrylic on canvas